Meet Our Drivers

“D&S Classic Coach drivers are discreet, invisible when they need to be, adaptable. We understand how important confidentiality is in this industry.”

D&S Classic Coach owners Lamar and Karen Sanford know it takes a special person to be a driver in the entertainment industry. “The first thing I ask of anyone looking to work for us is, ‘Are you married?’ If they are, I ask, ‘How does your spouse feel about you being out on the road?’ This lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone,” Lamar explained. A driver can be away from home for as few as three days to as long as six months.

Lamar has a good sense of who will be a good fit for the job; he was an OTR driver in the entertainment industry for 30 years. He knows the ins and outs. He knows what works and what doesn’t. He’s a good mentor. He knows DOT requirements, but he holds his drivers to even-higher D&S standards. “We preach honesty around here.”

“Our drivers are like chameleons,” Karen offered. In that she means, they are discreet, invisible when they need to be, adaptable. Because they primarily transport well-known musicians, they take the lead from their clients.

“If our clients come sit up front and want to talk, we do. If they prefer privacy, we honor that. We know how important confidentiality is, so we don’t talk about the business to others. We don’t name names. We can’t share information if we want to stay in this business.”

D&S Classic Coach has been driver-to-the-stars since 1995

We are well-respected in the industry. We not only have lots of repeat clients, but those clients are happy to recommend D&S. The Sanfords strive for excellence with every trip and they succeed. “I’d rather have 100 trips with one client than 100 clients with one trip,” Lamar offered.

Those 100 trips come as a result of the Sanfords hiring fully vetted, background-checked, experienced, commercially-licensed drivers. All drivers must have three-years of experience in the entertainment industry. They also know their way around the service industry. “My drivers aren’t above picking up a bag and stowing it for a client,” he added.

“Lamar is very good about matching clients with drivers,” Karen interjected. “The drivers are the face of our company, so we take pride in who we select.” Lamar picks drivers whose personalities will mesh with the clients’ and it works out so well that clients request the driver (and the bus that s/he’s paired with) over and over.

Joining the D&S Classic Coach Team

Because drivers meet clients wherever they may be, they can live anywhere in the US. If you have a commercial driver’s license (with a clean MVR), experience in the entertainment industry and a good reputation, Lamar is often seeking stellar drivers to join the D&S Classic Coach team. “Let’s talk,” he said.

And …

Donnie Leach
Glenn Louvin
Craig Ross
Brad Thompson

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