About the D&S Classic Coach Team


Founded in 1995 by Lamar and Karen Sanford and based in Phoenix, Arizona, D&S Classic Coach, Inc. operates all over the US and Canada. “We go to them,” Lamar, a 30-year veteran of driving buses for the entertainment industry, assured.

Given the long tenure in the business, “We know what works. We do what we promise. Our company is large enough to handle your needs, but small enough to handle them personally.”

Lamar knows it takes a special type of individual to do this job, so he hires accordingly. Driving gently is crucial when crew members are trying to sleep or popstars are trying to wind down with a glass of wine on the road. He is not only familiar with the transportation aspect of the job but the music side as well given he was once in a Southern gospel band when he lived in Alabama.

D&S Classic Coach uses industry-standard Prevost buses, coupled with the conscientious and caring drivers. When you sign on to the D&S Coach team, whether you’re working with or employing transport services, you’re not simply treated like family, you ARE family.

Knowing the power of everyone working well together, the Sanfords concur: “We are spokes in a wheel. One weak spoke weakens the whole wheel.” Clients never have to worry about a weak wheel when it comes to D&S Classic Coach, Inc.