About Our Coaches

Anyone who’s anyone in the entertainment transportation industry knows it doesn’t get any better than Prevost motorcoaches. Founded in 1924 by Eugene Prevost, these luxury buses “set benchmarks for quality, durability, safety, performance, comfort and environmental care.”

D&S Classic Coach ONLY uses 45-foot Prevosts. They have about two dozen buses, the oldest being a remodeled 2002, the newest, a 2018. Because they generally transport bands and their crews, the buses need to be equipped accordingly, so D&S Coach buy “shells” with a front seat.

Owner Karen Sanford designs the interior, with the assistance of her shop foreman. Because crews average six to twelve people, many come with bunks (with flip-down TV/DVD units). Some have traditional bedrooms. Two bathrooms are available. It’s home-away-from-home comfort and convenience.

Cabinets are custom built on-site from birch. The floors are often bamboo. Wiring harnesses are made on-site as well. Coaches can be equipped with solar panels (after 2008, they all are), which save both money and the environment. “We are a green, eco-friendly company. Clients appreciate that we are bio-friendly.”

In addition to the fact Karen selects appealing colors and designs, she’s conscious of the fact that fabrics can trap odors, dirt and bacteria. She avoids cloth where she can and uses pricier facades and trim pieces. It looks smart and stays cleaner for her discerning clients, whether they are rock stars or extended families looking for the trip of a lifetime.

Prevosts are reported to go a million miles or more, and D&S Coach assure they do with regular maintenance.

Because life is unpredictable and things happen, D&S Coach has a wide network of professionals who can step up to repair or step in to replace.

Clients are never stranded when they employ D&S Coach.

Coaches are fully equipped with:

Stereos with Surround Sound Systems  |  Refrigerator/Freezer  |  Linens  |  iPads  |  Wireless Internet